Someday the dog and chickens will all have matching sweaters

Maybe not. But wouldn’t it be hilarious?

If you haven’t experienced it yet, search “chickens in pants” on YouTube and settle in for internet GOLD.

If you’re not one of those “Christmas starts November 1st” kind of people, this weather isn’t doing much for your argument because it is FRIGID today. I will say that Joel turned Christmas music on this afternoon and I yelled “I’m not ready” from the other room repeatedly until he switched it so something else, but I doubt that attitude will last long.

As long as those Arctic-caliber bursts of wind weren’t blowing, it was a wonderful afternoon to stroll through the yard.

The girls (Maybe? A couple are starting to look like roosters) learned a new trick today and I came out to find them all perched and looking adorable! About another week and a half and they’ll be ready for wandering the yard on their own. For now they’re in the 2-week process of being cooped up (all those chicken related phrases we use daily got real for me real fast) so they learn that the coop is their home and they should really go back in there at night without making me chase them down and put them in, squawking in frustration all the while.

Looking in from the coop window. Look at those 2 up there being all cute

I’ve been working hard at making sure Dobby gets a little walk through the yard every day that hasn’t been soggy so he feels more loved. He kind of lost his mind when the chickens arrived and vindictively started peeing on things, digging through trash cans, and generally causing Joel to rethink his life choices the day he was asked if he wanted him. Since it was cold we decided to break out the sweater for him since he’s a diva.

What a stylish little hunk
This is his potato pose

Stay warm this weekend!

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