My 2021 Spring Garden Seed Starting Plan

Getting ready to plant a garden can be an overwhelming task, especially when a lot of your seed packets come with instructions to start indoors a certain number of weeks before the last spring frost. I put together a little guide for how I am learning how to handle seed starting, since I’m starting aContinue reading “My 2021 Spring Garden Seed Starting Plan”

Adding Ducks to Your Homestead

While chickens were our gateway into this homesteading life, ducks have had my heart since I could walk basically. So naturally we’ve ended up with them on our little farm. We’ve got some friends that made a deal with us – if they bought us ducks, we’d be their duck egg suppliers. Lately I’ve triedContinue reading “Adding Ducks to Your Homestead”

Pests in the Garden

I tend to get lulled into a false sense of security when my plants germinate and start maturing. They sprouted, they’re growing, what could go wrong? A lot. A lot could go wrong.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of garden irritants and how to deal with them, but this is what weContinue reading “Pests in the Garden”

Growing Melons Vertically

In general, we started our garden this spring not knowing what the heck we were doing. There was a good stretch of my childhood (early elementary – middle school maybe?) where our family had a good sized little garden. I remember summers full of fresh, delicious green beans (My mom will always be the onlyContinue reading “Growing Melons Vertically”

Someday the dog and chickens will all have matching sweaters

Maybe not. But wouldn’t it be hilarious? If you haven’t experienced it yet, search “chickens in pants” on YouTube and settle in for internet GOLD. If you’re not one of those “Christmas starts November 1st” kind of people, this weather isn’t doing much for your argument because it is FRIGID today. I will say thatContinue reading “Someday the dog and chickens will all have matching sweaters”

The garage is a chicken free zone…finally

Well as of Tuesday. I was very happy to see this day arrive. It’s really the little things in life that make you happy when you have animals. This feeder and waterer has probably been my favorite purchases in the last month because I haven’t had to waste food or worry about the chickens havingContinue reading “The garage is a chicken free zone…finally”

Disney withdrawals are real.

We’re hardcore Disney lovers at our house. We’ve taken a Disney break this year because of moving and in anticipation (aka money saving) of a trip to Disneyland in the near future. As a result, we are constantly drooling over someone else’s Disney vacations and craving all the foods we love there. We periodically makeContinue reading “Disney withdrawals are real.”

The (Chicken) Road So Far…

(Those who’ve watched Supernatural will appreciate that reference) Growing up I had a lot of ducks – every summer we’d get little fluffy baby ducks and they were usually only a day or so old, so they’d imprint.  If you’ve ever seen videos of little chicks or ducklings following people around like they are theirContinue reading “The (Chicken) Road So Far…”